CRM 2011 & SharePoint 2010 Actions Dropdown Missing

The Problem

You have configured CRM 2011 (online or on-premises) to store documents in SharePoint (online/Office365 or on-premises). Maybe you followed this excellent guide (SharePoint online) or this guide (SharePoint on-premises). Whichever way, you will have downloaded & deployed the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 List Component for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

However, you find that, once setup, the following actions dropdown is missing…


You check that https://* and https://* are in your Trusted Sites zone (or perhaps more specific URLs), but it’s still not working… if you try to access documents from the Outlook connector (add-in) you get a script error.

The Cause

The cause of this is the .htc behaviour that the List Component previously deployed is using some CSS which by default renders the drop-down. It is hosted within an iframe, and default IE security settings prevent “script-initiated windows without size or position constraints”, even in the Trusted Zone – the CSS which the HTML behaviour references falls foul of this.

The Solution

The quick solution is to enabled this setting in your Trusted Sites zone. Yes this will make your browser marginally less secure. But you will get your actions drop-down again:


Hope that helps… quite possibly the last SharePoint 2010 blog post for a while as SharePoint 2013 was released in public beta last night!

6 thoughts on “CRM 2011 & SharePoint 2010 Actions Dropdown Missing

  1. Have you found any other solutions for this? I have my sharepoint server in my trusted sites with this option selected but I still don’t see the action buttons.

    1. Can you try using Fiddler to see if all the right web requests are being made and getting normal responses? Also check the iframe URL and open that in the browser, check that loads on its own (if not, it could be the install of the CRM WSP on SharePoint). If it does open in the browser on its own, then it is probably a security or trust issue.

      1. Thanks for the reply, I tried your suggestions, all the code appears to be coming down ok, no 404s and it still does not show the action buttons. I debugged the code and found a couple of errors in documentactions.js, so I am looking into those to see what is going on.

      2. Got it working, turns out the list component was not installed correctly. I reinstalled the solution on my Sharepoint server and works perfectly.

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