Speaking about Azure at Collab365

I’m delighted to be invited to speak at Collab365 – the biggest online conference of its type, covering Office 365, SharePoint and Azure.

There will be an expected 10,000 attendees!

I have spoken about SharePoint at a similar event before – this will be my first speaking engagement at C5 Alliance CTO, and first purely about Microsoft Azure!

My session will be live – it’s free so be sure to register: http://www.collab365.events/ 

Session details as follows:

Azure Infrastructure and Storage 101

In this session some of the core options for Azure storage and Infrastructure as a Service will be covered. What level of redundancy is built-in? What does geo-redundant really mean? What backup and restore options do I have? What is the difference between Blob, File, Table and Queue storage? What does Premium mean? What is the difference between SQL Azure and building my own Virtual Machine in Azure and installing SQL? What networking options do I have for a hybrid cloud scenario? What options do I have to “lift & shift” servers (either Physical to Virtual or Virtual to Virtual) to Azure? How much will this actually cost me? ​

If you have been considering Azure Infrastructure as a Service and have been asking yourself any of the above questions and more, this session will aim to answer them.

If you have any queries in particular feel free to leave them in the comments!

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