SharePoint Evolution Conference recap, slides and code

I was humbled and honoured to be invited to present again at the SharePoint Evolution conference; the speaker list really is a “who’s who” of the SharePoint and Office 365 world.

Once again, Steve, Zoe and the extended team from Combined Knowledge promised and delivered on all fronts. Not only was the content second to none, but the attention to detail and the whole conference experience for speakers and delegates makes it a great event.

As the Evolution name indicates, the technology world evolves – it was great to have an Azure track.

As the inevitable shift towards cloud services gathers momentum, and the cadence of Azure and Office 365 releases, the need for this focus is only going to increase. I look forward to a future where Azure AD and Identity is an even more important and integral part of the solutions we develop for our clients, with hybrid and federated identities working seamlessly together.

Steve Smith introducing the conference during the keynote

Not only was the content great; Combined Knowledge has a reputation for putting on an awesome event during official conference hours, but the “après conference” activities are second to none too… let’s just say they didn’t disappoint! Smile 

Connecting SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Yammer and others with the Azure Service Bus

My session was about connecting systems with the Azure Service Bus – in this case triggering events in Microsoft Dynamics CRM which send messages to Azure that can be subscribed to from other systems (SharePoint and Yammer demos).

The flexibility and reliability of this approach was the main purpose for implementing it; the out of the box CRM to SharePoint integration is limited in many ways. My slides follow below – this post is to recap the session and provide links to the Github projects used (demo code, no warranties implied etc.!)

I’ll answer comments below if you have any general questions, any code-specific queries please feel free to add an Issue in Github or fix it yourself  Smile 

To re-create the demo environment, you also need to hook up CRM 2015 using the Plugin Registration tool (CRM 2015 SDK), access to CRM 2015 online (preferably) and follow the steps outlined in the deck below (particularly the useful links).

C5 Alliance Representation

In addition to myself, my colleague Mark Macrae was also speaking (about Business Intelligence) and it was good to have four other colleagues there from C5 Alliance!


Hope to see you all there next time!


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