Speaking at SharePoint Evolution 2015

I’m delighted and honoured to be speaking at the SharePoint Evolution conference in April – looking at the speaker list it is once again a veritable who’s who in the SharePoint world (I’m humbled to be amongst them!)

There has already been a lot of preparation behind the scenes to make this conference special – instead of having lots of unconnected 1 hour sessions as many conferences do, many of us have been liaising with the other speakers on Yammer and ensuring there is a flow to the event, limited overlap and plenty of real world experience.

With the inevitable shift towards cloud services, the inclusion of an Azure track reflects how we are building solutions for our clients in the real world; my session will be about leveraging all the latest cloud technology to provide more robust integration of systems (SharePoint and Dynamics CRM in this instance) and avoiding the traditional point-to-point integration:

Advanced SharePoint Integration with the Azure Service Bus and Dynamics CRM

Audience: Azure
In this session we will briefly recap the limitations of the native Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint integration and also a custom point-to-point integration.
An overview of the Azure Service Bus offering and a real world scenario will be demonstrated with SharePoint 2013 Online and CRM 2013 Online. If you are considering integrating SharePoint with any other Line of Business application, this session is for you. An understanding of the merits of tightly vs loosely coupled systems is essential in making decisions about SharePoint integration with your other platforms.


Hope to see you there!

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