SharePoint Saturday Jersey – 27th September 2014

A short post to announce SharePoint Saturday Jersey (that’s the ISLAND of, the OLD or the CLASSIC Jersey for you NJ folks! :-))

The official site is here: when you can register.

We are looking for:

  • Speakers (could be you!)
  • Sponsors (could be you!)
  • Attendees (definitely you!)

Jersey is one of the most picturesque beautiful places you could visit – we have secured an amazing venue on the waterfront, there will be extra-curricular activities planned for after the event.

Check out Jersey Tourism’s list of things to do if you are coming over, and also if you are booking accommodation at the Radisson Blu mention SharePoint Saturday for a discount!

More info to follow – happy to answer questions in the comments below if you have any at this stage.

We really hope to see you there!

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