I’m speaking at SP24

I’m delighted to be speaking at SP24 – a purely online conference about SharePoint lasting 24 hours, going around the globe!

It’s happening on 16th/17th April; I have a lot of respect for the guys putting this ambitious event on, I can’t imagine how much work has gone on behind the scenes – many late nights & weekends I’m sure! Hats off to the team!

My session is titled “Office 365 Public Websites: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”; my team and I have been involved in a number of website development projects, not least our own www.c5alliance.com but also numerous client sites – here’s the abstract:


SharePoint has been capable of providing enterprise grade websites for a number of versions, however these were typically associated with enterprise costs. With the latest release of Office 365, SharePoint 2013 online makes many of these features affordable and available for everybody. This overview of Web Content Management in SharePoint Online will cover the new features available and demonstrate the ease of use of SharePoint 2013 online for everybody from designers and developers to web content editors (The Good). The pro’s and con’s will also be presented, including limitations where escalation to senior Office 365 engineers has resulted in a brick wall (The Bad) and those with workarounds (The Ugly). Whether you are building a new primary website for your organisation or a small microsite, an understanding of the benefits and limitations of SharePoint 2013 Online is essential.

I’m excited about this new format for learning and sharing knowledge, I hope you can join me – April 17th 8:00 pm – April 17th 9:00 pm (GMT+01:00) – I’ll be on Twitter answering any questions you may have, during the session, for a while after, or anytime in general!

SP24 – The Free 24-hour SharePoint ​Conference

​SP24 is a SharePoint Conference with a difference and if you are interested in SharePoint you are going love it, and here’s why :

  1. It’s entirely on-line – so you won’t need to leave the office or home!  
  2. Free for all attendees.
  3. Takes place on 16th April 10pm GMT.  
  4. Over 5000 attendees have already signed up.
  5. Lasts for 24 hours.  
  6. World famous ​speakers from all over the world. 
  7. Keynote from Bill Baer (Senior Product Manager, Microsoft). 
  8. Comprises of 2 tracks, (business and technical).  
  9. 106 sessions + on-demand sessions.

There will be 48 FREE hour long online sessions for 24 hours and the keynote speech is by Bill Baer, who is the Microsoft Senior Product Manager for SharePoint. I will find out where the industry is heading, the direction of SharePoint and associated products, the best practices and news about upcoming integration across technologies for no cost whatsoever. I will learn about the comprehensive scope of features, functionalities and solutions that SharePoint can offer, and I will bring this information back.


There are over 100 speakers and over 5000 (and rising) delegates, Microsoft engineers, Microsoft Certified Masters and MVPs will be speaking and viewing the sessions from around the world. On top of having exclusive access to the experts, I will have the opportunity to chat online with speakers and other conference attendees, and get our questions answered while learning how SharePoint can provide solutions for us.


I am already signed up to attend SP24 and I strongly suggest you book your place early by visiting : https://www.sp24conf.com


The Keynote starts on 16th April 2014 10pm GMT and will last for 24 hours.

Apologies to Signor Morricone for the following..

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