Accessible CAPTCHA Fail

The Problem

Working on a number of public-facing sites, both for government and private sector, the issue of providing a SPAM-resistant contact form arises regularly.

The typical example which I have a serious personal dislike for (due to the fact that it takes several goes and a lot of luck) is Google’s reCAPTCHA.. some amusing problems with this and other systems are well documented at

When researching the Audio version of Google’s CAPTCHA, I was staggered to discover how incomprehensible this was…

reCAPTCHA Audio Example 1 (MP3)

reCAPTCHA Audio Example 2 (MP3)

Sounds like the soundtrack to Paranormal Activity..

The Solution

I’m in favour of logic questions personally… e.g. 

I will update with other options as we test/discover them, comments welcome!

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