I’m Speaking at SharePoint Saturday UK

I’m delighted to be speaking at SharePoint Saturday UK again this year on 9th November – this time my session will be on public-facing websites on Office 365:

SharePoint has been capable of providing enterprise grade websites for a number of versions, however these were typically associated with enterprise costs. With the latest release of Office 365, SharePoint 2013 online makes many of these features affordable and available for everybody. This overview of Web Content Management in SharePoint Online will cover the new features available and demonstrate the ease of use of SharePoint 2013 online for everybody from designers to web content editors. The pro’s and con’s will also be presented, including limitations with workarounds and real life examples where escalation to senior Office 365 engineers has resulted in a brick wall. Whether you are building a new primary website for your organisation or a small microsite, an understanding of the benefits and limitations of SharePoint 2013 Online is essential.

We’ve been building some sites on Office 365 with some interesting limitations features, however this does not mean that you can’t build a successful website! Come along to find out more; I’ll be interested to hear any stories about successes or failures and the impact of new features that have already been rolled out to some tenants.

Hope to see you there!


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