Taking SharePoint Offline – SharePoint Best Practices Conference

bpc email banner_speakingI’m delighted to be speaking at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in April 11th – 13th in London, it will be my first “big” conference speaking engagement, so really looking forward to it.

My abstract says it all other than the notable exception of SharePoint Workspace which obviously counts as an “Offline option” in case you are interested in that:

Many clients need the facility to work offline on occasion, especially those with a mobile sales team, or those being upgraded to SharePoint from a Lotus Notes environment used to offline replication. The content that sales people need access to can be rich and bandwidth-intensive, which makes a good 3G signal or poor Wi-Fi connection frustrating for the salesperson to use, not to mention the client. This session will cover the pros and cons of the options available for offline SharePoint, and why/how to build a Silverlight 4 out-of-browser application driven by SharePoint 2010, solving connectivity issues and taking advantage of SPMetal, LINQ, WCF, Isolated Storage and Silverlight.

Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Taking SharePoint Offline – SharePoint Best Practices Conference

  1. Can you please share more information how you have achieved offline access to SharePoint. Do you store SharePoint documents locally next to your SharePoint Workspace? And sync both ways with their metadata?

    1. SharePoint Workspace manages the sync between local machine & SharePoint (it also uses the Microsoft Office Upload Center). Files are stored locally (can be encrypted using BitLocker). Document/Content Type properties must be edited from the client (i.e. Office – Word, Excel etc.).  List metadata/properites can be managed with SharePoint workspace, conflicts will be reported by SharePoint Workspace and the user may resolve them.

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