I’m speaking at SP24

I’m delighted to be speaking at SP24 – a purely online conference about SharePoint lasting 24 hours, going around the globe! It’s happening on 16th/17th April; I have a lot of respect for the guys putting this ambitious event on, I can’t imagine how much work has gone on behind the scenes – many late […]

Accessible CAPTCHA Fail

The Problem Working on a number of public-facing sites, both for government and private sector, the issue of providing a SPAM-resistant contact form arises regularly. The typical example which I have a serious personal dislike for (due to the fact that it takes several goes and a lot of luck) is Google’s reCAPTCHA.. some amusing […]

I’m Speaking at SharePoint Saturday UK

I’m delighted to be speaking at SharePoint Saturday UK again this year on 9th November – this time my session will be on public-facing websites on Office 365: SharePoint has been capable of providing enterprise grade websites for a number of versions, however these were typically associated with enterprise costs. With the latest release of […]

Creating a Public Facing Website on Office 365 – Part 1

This post is part 1 of my blog series “Building a Public-Facing Website on Office 365”: Creating a Public-Facing Website on Office 365 – Part 1 (This post) Office 365 Public-Facing Websites –  Master Pages & Page Layouts with Design Manager – Part 2 SharePoint 2013 on-premises provides an excellent Web Content Management System (WCMS), […]