Speaking at the International SharePoint Conference London 2012

It’s no secret that the Combined Knowledge SharePoint Conferences are the among the  biggest and best independent SharePoint conferences, which makes me particularly pleased and proud to be a speaker again at this year’s International SharePoint Conference 2012. In a twist to the conventional SharePoint Conference, this year’s event includes never done before solution tracks […]

Taking SharePoint Offline – SharePoint Best Practices Conference

I’m delighted to be speaking at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in April 11th – 13th in London, it will be my first “big” conference speaking engagement, so really looking forward to it. My abstract says it all other than the notable exception of SharePoint Workspace which obviously counts as an “Offline option” in case […]

Lync 2010 People & Skill Search with SharePoint 2010 and TMG

For a combined Lync & SharePoint event we recently implemented People Search and Skill Search from the Lync client. This is relatively easily internally – the excellent blog post by Tim Harrington is all you need to know; no need to repeat the steps here. However, getting this to work externally via Threat Management Gateway […]

Configuring SharePoint 2010 Alternate Access Mappings and My Sites with a Reverse Proxy (e.g. TMG/ISA)

Today I stumbled across an old issue that has been around since MOSS 2007 & ISA server; in principle the same pitfalls exist in SharePoint 2010 and Threat Management Gateway (TMG). One of our partners uses TMG as a proxy to any internal systems such as SharePoint or Outlook Web Access and I confused myself […]

SharePoint 2010: Using Client Object Model to link a Lookup field to a Document directly

The Problem When you add a Lookup column in SharePoint 2010, the default link in the view form that is generated links to the SharePoint item (i.e. the DispForm.aspx page) and not the Document itself, in the case where you have linked to a Document Library. For example, if you had an Events Calendar with […]

SharePoint 2010 "The language of this installation package is not supported by your system"

Installing SharePoint 2010 on a x64 Vista or Windows 7 workstation is great, if you read the instructions properly… Following the instructions works. No need to re-gurgitate… however this little supposed “unsupported language” problem cropped up… well I should really have RTFM To extract the files from the .exe, actually use the extract switch as […]