SharePoint 2013

Speaking at SharePoint Saturday UK

I’m delighted to be speaking again at SharePoint Saturday UK on 29th November 2014, where I’ll be covering a topic that keeps re-surfacing in the community and indeed within the team at C5 Alliance:   Selecting the right client-side development approach Developing SharePoint solutions has evolved significantly over the past few years, not least because […]

SharePoint 2013 JSLink and Managed Metadata

JSLink is one of the greatest improvements in SharePoint rendering in 2013 – love how easy it is to override the default views. Chris O’Brien has a great post on this (early in the 2013 release cycle but still valid!) If you want to access values stored in a Managed Metadata field using JSLink be […]

Querying SharePoint 2013 Search Index for Managed Property Values / Refiners using REST API

A client recently had a request to provide a search users by department with the department list pre-populated in a drop-down menu: So the question was: “How can I query the Department managed property values for People to populate the drop-down menu?” (which would be cool if it autocompleted.. for another day maybe!) The answer […]

Embedding a Web Part in a SharePoint 2013 Master Page via Design Manager

So you want to use Design Manager – a great feature in SharePoint 2013 for converting native HTML to SharePoint master page already covered in a previous blog post.  However, you’d like to embed an XsltListViewWebPart – maybe to use some JSLink goodness to render content from elsewhere in the site such as news, updates, […]

SharePoint Conference 2014 Wrap Up

So the Microsoft SharePoint Conference is over for 2014, it was a big one. With 10,000 attendees and over 400 sessions this really is the one to attend if you have any interest in SharePoint; from a developer, IT Pro, Executive or end user perspective there were several more relevant sessions than it was physically […]

I’m Speaking at SharePoint Saturday UK

I’m delighted to be speaking at SharePoint Saturday UK again this year on 9th November – this time my session will be on public-facing websites on Office 365: SharePoint has been capable of providing enterprise grade websites for a number of versions, however these were typically associated with enterprise costs. With the latest release of […]

Host-Named Site Collection Limitations

The Disclaimer I’ve encountered these limitations on my main development farm and was able to reproduce on one other… one March 2013 PU and one August 2013 CU. It may not be a widespread issue and I am looking for a solution – any help appreciated in the comments 🙂 The Problem Whilst host-named site […]

Office 365 Public Facing Websites – Design Manager – Part 2

This post is part 2 of my blog series “Building a Public-Facing Website on Office 365”: Creating a Public-Facing Website on Office 365 – Part 1 (Limitations) Office 365 Public-Facing Websites -  Master Pages & Page Layouts with Design Manager – Part 2 (This post) SharePoint has traditionally been a specialist area where it comes […]