Office 2016 Authentication against legacy SharePoint Online (BPOS)

I’m sure you’ve all installed Office 2016 by now! If you have already installed Office 2016, and you were an early adopter of SharePoint Online (as part of the original Office 365 – the obscurely named “Business Productivity Online Services” or BPOS…) you may have some issues authenticating against legacy site collections from within your […]

Microsoft Office Revocation information not available

The Problem As recently encountered, if your PKI setup is less than optimal you may experience one or more of the following when opening Office documents stored in SharePoint 2010/2013 over SSL:   1. When you open the document you get a Security Alert: “Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not […]

Word experienced an error trying to open the file

The Problem Opening a Word document from Office 365 using Word 2010 or 2013 results in the following: The Cause There cause is actually Word’s default security settings… probably a good thing! The Solution You can resolve this issue in at least two ways: 1. Disable Protected View (not recommended…) You can disable protected view […]