Choose your (JavaScript) Framework wisely!

In my world (generally SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure) as well as the rest of the world, there have been dramatic changes in web development in the past 7 or 8 years; a great number of front-end JavaScript frameworks have come and gone, and some appear to be here to stay. Choosing the wrong framework […]

SharePoint 2013 JSLink and Managed Metadata

JSLink is one of the greatest improvements in SharePoint rendering in 2013 – love how easy it is to override the default views. Chris O’Brien has a great post on this (early in the 2013 release cycle but still valid!) If you want to access values stored in a Managed Metadata field using JSLink be […]

SharePoint 2010: Using Client Object Model to link a Lookup field to a Document directly

The Problem When you add a Lookup column in SharePoint 2010, the default link in the view form that is generated links to the SharePoint item (i.e. the DispForm.aspx page) and not the Document itself, in the case where you have linked to a Document Library. For example, if you had an Events Calendar with […]