iPhone 4 vs Nokia Lumia 800 – 24 hours later

I took receipt of a shiny new Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7 yesterday and thought it would be worthwhile blogging about the pros/cons so far, including some tips for anybody in the same boat. Before I start, I should state where I’m coming from; I use predominantly with Microsoft products and services at home […]

SharePoint 2010 Intranet Branding for Developers

Thanks to everybody for coming to a packed session on Intranet Branding for Developers at SharePoint Saturday UK – as promised please find the slides and code below SharePoint Saturday UK – Intranet Branding for Developers View more presentations from gusfraser The code is available here: http://j.mp/spsuk25 You can ping me on twitter for questions […]

Office365 Update: Business Connectivity Services

SharePoint Online has suffered from a major flaw since BPOS; no Business Data Catalog in the old SharePoint online and “only” Sandbox solutions in Office365. In other words very limited connectivity options. I’m delighted that the addition of Business Connectivity Services (BCS) announced at the SharePoint conference in October is really coming very soon – […]

Lenovo W520 bricked & won’t turn on

I recently took receipt of an all-singing all-dancing Lenovo W520. A beast of a workstation/laptop with unbelievable battery power (especially when you include the additional battery slice). Keith Combs’ review is great if you want more info. All was going really well, slowly building a nice portable dev rig. However, yesterday evening (Sunday.. serves me […]

SharePoint 2010 Custom WCF Service CPU Spike

The Problem On a client site this week after deploying a solution involving a custom WCF service intermittent CPU spikes were recorded – 50% firstly, then maxing out at 100%. We were unable to reproduce the issue… until it was reported that one user attempting to access the service didn’t have appropriate access to the […]

Silverlight SLlauncher.exe OOB Isolated Storage Quota bug workaround

The Problem Silverlight 4 reserves 1MB for Isolated Storage when running in the browser, this is increased to 25MB when running Out-Of-Browser (OOB). Enterprise deployment of OOB apps is done using SLlauncher.exe – straight from the Silverlight Enterprise Deployment Guide (.docx): %ProgramFiles%Microsoft Silverlightsllauncher.exe /install:”xapFile” /origin:”xapURI” HOWEVER… using this method to install an OOB application will […]

European SharePoint Best Practices Conference Slides

I presented a session on “Taking SharePoint 2010 Offline” at the SharePoint Best Practices conference on 12th April. The session was in the community track so in addition to the Out Of the Box solutions provided my Microsoft, a real world custom solution was presented. I’ve posted my slides on SlideShare: Taking SharePoint 2010 Offline […]

SharePoint alternate access by IP address

The best practice Gods will be reserving a biblical plague or two for this one… but I encountered a situation today whereby the client’s internal DNS took longer than 72hrs to update yet they NEEDED access to a SharePoint site urgently. What to do? Alternate Access Mappings by IP address! You should not do this… […]

There are no logon servers available – Create Cached Credentials over PPTP VPN

If you need to re-install Windows (7 for me, but this should be valid for any) on a “work” laptop when away from the Active Directory domain you may have difficulties setting up and logging in using your domain account due to the domain not being available until after you setup a VPN connection (however […]

VirtualBox & Native VMWare .vmdk images (IDE only!)

I am trialling the three main Virtual Machine client/workstation options, mainly for SharePoint 2010 development on the move: Microsoft’s Hyper-V VMWare Workstation Sun VirtualBox The main reason for the trial was that my Windows 2008 R2 laptop won’t hibernate with the Hypervisor role enabled and Hyper-V services started… it is a server OS after all. […]