Monthly Archives: March 2011

SharePoint alternate access by IP address

The best practice Gods will be reserving a biblical plague or two for this one… but I encountered a situation today whereby the client’s internal DNS took longer than 72hrs to update yet they NEEDED access to a SharePoint site urgently. What to do? Alternate Access Mappings by IP address! You should not do this… […]

There are no logon servers available – Create Cached Credentials over PPTP VPN

If you need to re-install Windows (7 for me, but this should be valid for any) on a “work” laptop when away from the Active Directory domain you may have difficulties setting up and logging in using your domain account due to the domain not being available until after you setup a VPN connection (however […]

VirtualBox & Native VMWare .vmdk images (IDE only!)

I am trialling the three main Virtual Machine client/workstation options, mainly for SharePoint 2010 development on the move: Microsoft’s Hyper-V VMWare Workstation Sun VirtualBox The main reason for the trial was that my Windows 2008 R2 laptop won’t hibernate with the Hypervisor role enabled and Hyper-V services started… it is a server OS after all. […]